The International Vechtrace is a 5-kilometer head race for single sculls, (mixed)doubles and coxed (coastal)fours (sweep and quad). International because of the participants and the race-course: the start is in Germany, the finish in the Netherlands. The meandering river Vecht gives the race an extraordinary character. The race is also renowned for its pleasant atmosphere, good catering and atmospheric accommodation at the Salland rowing club. The regatta is co-organised by Bootsclub Nordhorn from Germany.

International Vechtrace 2020 canceled

The Vechtrace Committee has decided to postpone the 29th International Vechtrace to Saturday 2 October 2021.
Due to the Covid -19 virus it is not possible to organise this regata safely in 2020.

The decision has been taken keeping in mind, among others, the following issues:

1. Usualy 200 to 300 persons attend the Vechtrace. Given these number its is not possible to keep 1,5 meters distance at the site of RC Salland. The Municipality has indicated that they will stricly adhere to this rule and it is doubtful we will get permission to organise the event.

2. Due to the 1,5 meter distance rule, it is not sure  boots with more than one person will be allowed on the water. If this is the case, the number of participants will be limited, especially as the Bradford Grammar School has already informed RC Salland that they will not participate this year.

3. The health risk for the Salland volunteers, the participants and the spectators is too large.

The Vechtrace Committee is very sorry that the International Vechtrace cannot take place this year, but is convinced that the event will be a great succes in 2021.

International Vechtrace - an impression

You have not participated before and you would like to get an impression of the race and the race track? These short movies (20192017 and 2018) will most probably convince you to participate in 2020. We look forward to welcoming you.


03 Sep 2021;
Registration opened
28 Sep 2021;
07:00PM -
Registration closed
29 Sep 2021;
11:00PM -
Start order known
02 Oct 2021;
08:00AM -
Vechtrace 2021
02 Oct 2021;
05:00PM -
Award ceremony
02 Oct 2021;
05:15PM -
Dinner after the race





















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