The International Vechtrace is a 5-kilometer head race for single sculls, (mixed)doubles and coxed (coastal)fours (sweep and quad). International because of the participants and the race-course: the start is in Germany, the finish in the Netherlands. The meandering river Vecht gives the race an extraordinary character. The race is also renowned for its pleasant atmosphere, good catering and atmospheric accommodation at the Salland rowing club. The regatta is co-organised by Bootsclub Nordhorn from Germany.

After-enjoyment Vechtrace 2012

Thinking of a good match strategy at the last Vechtrace, October 6, 2012, started early in the uproar for the first heat. It was raining properly, but with an expectation of dry weather.

If you grow up first, you must wait for the longest to start. That is not good for muscles and minds in rain. Then the recipe is about to leave before the closing time, and that's what happened. The reward was: the start could take place almost in time, and at the same time it became dry. In addition to hard rowing it is necessary for the Vechtrace to follow the unique winding of the river, not to end up in a soft cane bed. This year, the Vechtrace also had a double malus / bonus in the form of additional sporting challenges. Firstly, the river flowed harder than otherwise, and secondly, Germany advanced the necessary reeds pastures. Sporty challenges, because everyone was in a hurry, or could benefit from the outer bends where it is the hardest flowing during the race. But it is advisable to make those rietplaggen roam for a reasonable ending time.

The race continued to be more festive, matching the 25th anniversary of the Rowing Association Salland from Gramsbergen, which organizes this race together with the German Bootsclub Nordhorn. During the afternoon heat the sun was exuberant and the river was the most beautiful.

Unlike previous years, the racecourse was now completely on the river, passing halfway between Germany and the Netherlands. The river trail attracted many rowers to this eastern border region. Among them the disabled roeisters Nanette van Asselt-van Ewijk and Esther van de Loos. They row at paralympic level, and show that a good combination is possible in a four with valid rowers.

You can do a bit more and have a good time and if you have taken a closer look, you may have seen: look at the movie at YouTube. More pictures :  End of part 2.


Vechtrace 2012: the movie

You can find the movie made by Bert Jan and Dirk Theo on Youtube: YouTube.

(This video compilation of the Vechtrace can only be viewed from a computer with a Dutch IP address)


Vechtrace 2012 - All over Vecht!

The 2012 Race Race will be something different for the regular participants in recent years. 21 years ago, the first Vechtrace started in Ane and finished in Hardenberg, all over the Dutch Overijsselse Vecht. For the last 10 years, the race started in Laar (Germany) and finished in Gramsbergen, near our boathouse. That meant a race interruption in the open lock the Haandrik with a final sprint on the canal. Now it has been decided to run the course all over the Vecht, like the first years, but about another part of the Vecht. The start will be almost 2 kilometers past Laar, the finish just before the crossing of the Vecht with the canal. That means 5 kilometers of Vechtrace without interruption, halfway through the border between Germany and the Netherlands. See the ticket before the trail on our website. It is a beautiful challenging race course that we would like to invite you to! Please note: given the longer periods of up and running, it is important that you are on time.


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