The International Vechtrace is a 5-kilometer head race for single sculls, (mixed)doubles and coxed (coastal)fours (sweep and quad). International because of the participants and the race-course: the start is in Germany, the finish in the Netherlands. The meandering river Vecht gives the race an extraordinary character. The race is also renowned for its pleasant atmosphere, good catering and atmospheric accommodation at the Salland rowing club. The regatta is co-organised by Bootsclub Nordhorn from Germany.

Friends of the Vechtrace

Marjolein Rekers, daughter of one of the founders of the Vechtrace made the design for the original Vechtrace Medal.  On this medal Frans Göbel, twice world champion in the skiff and nicknamed the Emperor of the Amstel, is depicted.  A limited number of this medal was produced. And now the stock is nearly depleted. 

In 2017 the Vechtrace Committee has decided to award this medal only to persons who have distinguished themselves during the organisation of the Vechtrace and to rowers who have participated in the Vechtrace for many years.

In 2019 the medal was awarded to

Jan van Laarhoven of RC Tubantia: He has participated in the Vechtrace since 2006 and this year was his 11th time.

Frans van der Steen of RC Aengwirden: He has participated since 2009 and this was his 11th Vechtrace.

Gudrun Kremeier of RC Willem III has participated since 2005 and this year was her 9th Vechtrace

Bart Breunesse. In  2015 Bart was asked to become member of the Vechtrace Committee. Within the Committee he is responsible for the results and timing information. In the past years he has, with great enthusiasm and expertise, further professionalised the time tracking system. The Vechtrace now uses Time Team. It is possible to enter the correct times in the computer at the start and the finish. Results are accurate and immediately available. But sometimes internet can give problems and the results have to be calculated by Bart and his team by hand. Bart thank you for you for everything you have done for the Vechtrace.

In 2018 the medal was awarded to:

Geertje Klok from RC de Hunze. She participated 10 times in the period 2003 till the present.

Bram Bollaert from RC de Zwolsche. He participated 15 times in the period 1994 till the present.

René Maarleveld from RC Amycus. He participated 15 times in the periode 1996 till the present.

Jan Bas van Noord from RC Aengwirden. He participated 15 times in the period 2003 till the present

Piet Toering. For many years Piet has been a very enthusiastic co-organiser of the Vechtrace. As treasurer he has maintained contact with major sponsors like Euregio. He ensures the smoot running of the registration desk. On the day before the Vechtrace he helps to clear the Vecht of all floating debris and to remove dangerous branches. Because of him the safety of the  Vechtrace is guaranteed.

In 2017 the medal was awarded to:

Koos Bauman: Head of the Judges. Very early in the history of the Vechtrace Koos became Head of the Judges and he still is.

Jaap Dorsman of the Zwolsche Roei- en Zeil Vereniging.  In the period 1993 (second Vechtrace)  till the present Jaap has participated 18 times. 

Esther Bernadette Dijk of the  Zwolsche Roei- en  Zeil  Vereniging. In the period 2001 until the present she has participated 11 times. 

Bradford Grammar School - Simon Darnborough has participated in the Vechtrace as of the beginning in 1992. His last race was in 2016. He participated 10 times. Together with David Leake he has ensured that a delegation from Bradford Grammar School participated every year: in total 92 pupils (10 girls and 82 boys).

Bootsclub Nordhorn:  Unitll 2001 the Vechtrace took place in the Netherlands from Ane (Gramsbergen) to the centre of Hardenberg. In 2001 the race course was changed to Laar – Gramsbergen crossing the German border.  As of that date the Vechtrace became a joined initiative of the RV Salland and Bootsclub Nordhorn. Over the years Claus Lipkowski has made a significant contribution to make this collaboration a success.

Elly Tysma: For many years she was the hostess of RV Salland and has made all participants and volunteers very welcome. And she is still is  the hostess for the Bradford Grammar School. Elly is quite famous for her Cake which is presented at the end of every Vechtrace.

Jan Vunderink: For years Jan has been co-organiser of the Vechtrace. Always present in the background. Taking all the necessary measures to ensure a proper running of the Vechtrace.  Not only the setup and dismantlement of the different structures but also the contacts with the harbour master and local sponsors. Without Jan there would be no Vechtrace.

Folke Meijer: For many years Race leader of the Vechtrace and several other tasks.

Wieger Dam: For many years member of the Vechtrace Committee as Secretary and in others roles (website master).



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